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Towards a more sustainable future

At Zumo, we believe in a regenerative future in which technology and climate action combine for a thriving and sustainable world. This is not a path we walk alone. Change must be coordinated, knowledge shared, action inspired by the collaboration of all who care about the digital asset sector and the open, transparent and verifiable world of value transfer it seeks to create.

All technology comes with its resource impact. What matters is how we apply it. As we contemplate the trillions of value flowing – and continuing to flow – onto blockchain rails, we believe this is our chance, as a sector, to showcase what sector-wide decarbonisation looks like, to pioneer regenerative solutions and proactively to shape the financial future we work together to create.

Fast forward to 2030 and we can expect the majority of equity market value to stem from innovation platforms. The sustainability of that future is up to us.

Industry engagement

Zumo continues to contribute actively to the development of industry-wide sustainability guidance, knowledge sharing and sector frameworks that allow localised action to translate into lasting impact across the ecosystem.

Highlights include:

Recent Zumo consultation responses also include:

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Zumo publications

Decarbonising Crypto: Towards practical solutions

Set against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving and maturing industry, growing regulatory interest and fierce public scrutiny, the topic of energy consumption in crypto is as prominent as it has ever been.


For practitioners, market participants and those wishing to educate themselves further about the topic, our latest ‘Decarbonising Crypto’ report offers a practical and solutions-focused survey of the current environment, drilling down into the outcomes of Zumo’s own ‘Zero Hero’ pilot implementation project and presenting a pragmatic, solutions-driven discussion of the frameworks we adopt today and the opportunities we look to embrace tomorrow.

Decarbonising Crypto: A state of play report

Kicking off the Zumo Decarbonising Crypto report series, Zumo’s state of play report united expert voices from across the sector to gather opinions and perspectives from solutions providers, industry participants and environmental research on key questions of methodology, benchmarking, collaboration and technology.


The goal: get to the facts of the polarised crypto decarbonisation discussion and provide the common base of understanding and shared point of departure for reasoned, nuanced discussions of the topic.


A recommended first read for those looking for an overview introduction to the decarbonising crypto debate.


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