Do you wonder how embedding crypto aligns with your corporate net zero strategy? Or how releasing a crypto offering fits in with ESG mandates?

Environmental sustainability and ESG are hot topics that are only increasing in significance and urgency – in crypto, and far beyond. Crypto has benefits to deliver across the environmental, social and governance components of the ESG imperative. But the sector must work urgently towards decarbonisation and the showcasing of its greater good.

At Zumo, we believe in providing solutions that benefit both people and planet. As a values-driven business, we partner with you to provide the tangible solutions that align with you and your business.

Some of the practical areas we may be able to help you

Methodology & reporting

Draw on our body of work around crypto and the climate to create robust methodologies and reporting frameworks.


Talk with us to discuss how crypto embeds into your existing ESG and net zero strategies.

Technology solutions

Help develop practically focused crypto sustainability solutions that will serve the entire industry.

Social good

Support charitable causes with charity donation roundups implemented via your customers’ digital wallets or build on our existing work with Zumo charity partner WasteAid.

Effective governance

Deliver the transparency your stakeholders demand with audited frameworks and publicly available models and methodologies.

Got a question?

Drop us a line to find out more about our ESG and crypto sustainability work, and how it could be leveraged in your business.