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Realising blockchain’s fullest potential

Digital assets and ESG can be a difficult topic to untangle. How can a technology have so much ESG (environmental, social and governance) potential, yet so frequently come under fire for its carbon footprint? Use more – by design? Or use less – yet be less secure? At Zumo, we have been at the forefront of discussions on sustainability and digital assets, and we are passionate about sharing our journey and our learnings with others.

Navigate this page to find out more about our sustainability journey and the actions we are taking as a company across the factors of the ESG imperative, and to play our part in driving sectoral change.

Overarching commitments

Sustainability Pledge

Zumo’s Sustainability Pledge is underwritten by our Founders and sets out our high-level commitment to sustainability since the day we were founded.

Sustainable Development Goals

Zumo is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and directly contributes to the following SDGs.

ESG report

Zumo’s annual ESG report documents our journey and progress across Environmental, Social, and Governance factors, as well as our contribution to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

View our latest report
Driving sectoral change

We believe we are stronger together. Zumo is active across a number of sustainability working groups and has been instrumental in the development of emerging environmental guidance for the digital asset sector. See Driving Sectoral Change for more information on our work to tackle environmental challenges in the digital asset space.


Net zero strategy

Zumo has committed to a target of net zero by 2030: read more about our approach and net zero strategy here.


Zumo’s Oxygen solution is a first-of-its-kind, integrated product that allows clients to align their digital asset activity with net zero principles.


As a member and supporter of industry organisations, associations and membership bodies, Zumo is committed to playing its part in the ongoing progress of the sector.






Since the company was founded, Zumo has nurtured a close partnership with waste management charity WasteAid, finding common ground in a wider mission to empower communities and create sustainable livelihoods, at scale. Find out more about our fundraising efforts in our ESG report.


Skills and education are critical to successful blockchain adoption. At Zumo, we work with industry to break down knowledge barriers and educate stakeholders through a regular schedule of industry engagement, knowledge articles, topic briefings, and event speaking.

Our people

Building on mutual values, a commitment to people and a shared vision of success, Zumo aims to provide career-defining work and a place for colleagues to thrive. For further information, including information on diversity, development and inclusion, please see our ESG report.


Compliance and sustainable business practices

Zumo is a governance-driven, regulated and highly secure platform. As a business, Zumo has been set up from the outset to maintain full regulatory compliance and take the most sustainable path – not just the easiest one. Find out more in our ESG report.


As a member and active contributor to a wide range of industry organisations, associations and membership bodies, Zumo is committed to playing its part in coordinated progress and change. Industry bodies and working groups we are active with include Global Blockchain Business Council, CryptoUK and the Emerging Technologies Sustainability Taskforce, where Zumo plays an active role in defining the ESG imperative in digital assets.

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