Tackling your digital asset footprint

Align your digital asset activities with net zero principles.

What is Oxygen?

When it comes to rolling out a digital asset product, blockchain sustainability and digital asset emissions can be the big elephant in the room. Step in Oxygen, a done-for-you enterprise service that allows you to tackle the environmental impact of your digital asset holdings – and prove it – based on our award-winning digital asset decarbonisation work.


How it works


Robustly quantify the electricity consumption of your digital asset offering using publicly available and scrutinised electricity consumption attribution methodologies.


Procure strategically sourced Renewable Energy Certificates (or other market instruments) to compensate for impact at platform and/or end customer level.


Get ahead of reporting obligations and be fully transparent on climate-related disclosures relating to blockchain sustainability. Showcase the publicly verifiable proofs of your climate action to account for digital asset emissions.

Case Study

In August 2023, Zumo proudly supported Jacobi Asset Management in launching Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF aligned with net-zero principles. A case study on launching the next generation of ESG-aligned digital asset investment products.

Time for action

Customers and stakeholders want to see ESG-aligned principles and more sustainable business models in their digital asset investment products. Take your first step today and play your part in a sustainable future for digital assets.

Align your digital asset offering with your business’s wider net zero strategy

Send a positive and differentiating signal to the rest of the market

Make verifiable claims about the actions you take


An award-winning solution

The latest awards and recognitions for our pioneering Oxygen product.


Our team of experts are here to help you explore, scope and deliver your ESG-aligned digital asset solution.