Powering the UAE’s digital asset edge

Whether you are an asset manager, family office, bank, fintech, or custody provider, confidently capitalise on the booming digital asset opportunity with Zumo. We’ll guide you towards sustainable-led growth.

Helping you start, confidently

Crypto Carbon Insight workshop:

a customised session tailored to your digital asset operations and led by experts in both the digital asset and environmental sectors.

Personalised carbon report:

a detailed analysis of your organisation’s digital asset carbon footprint complete with actionable insights.

Strategic follow-up call:

scheduled time with our experts to discuss report findings, answer questions, and explore strategies to implement sustainable practices.

Benefits for your buisness
  • Draw on sustainability as a lever for value creation
  • Define the market and take an industry leadership position
  • Align with UAE and global policy objectives
  • Differentiate and enhance your brand
  • Align with customer and investor expectations
  • Anticipate compliance needs
  • Future-proof your digital asset offering
Draw on unique expertise

Zumo’s net zero journey began in 2020. It is a recognised pioneer in developing a net zero strategy within the digital asset sector, furthering the understanding of the carbon impact of digital assets, and driving sector-wide change.

Expertise you can rely on:

  • Developing the award-winning Oxygen platform solution for tackling the environmental impact of digital asset holdings.
  • Assisting Jacobi Asset Management in launching Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF aligned with net-zero principles.
  • One of the first signatories to the Crypto Climate Accord, and key contributor to its guidance on accounting for electricity use of digital assets.
  • Contributor to World Economic Forum, Global Digital Finance, Point Zero and OECD discussions of digital asset climate impact alongside independent decarbonising crypto studies.
  • Founding member of the Emerging Technologies Sustainability Taskforce and active contributor to digital asset/environmental policy consultations from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), and US Energy Information Administration (EIA).
Embed sustainability in your digital activities

Our team of experts are here to put you on the path to sustainability-led growth.