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Behind the headlines: Understanding the FCA’s recent actions regarding cryptoasset promotions
2 mins read
A short overview of what businesses should consider as the UK FCA ramps up financial promotions related actions.
Unpacking the financial promotions regime
3 mins read
UK's FCA introduces its new cryptoassets financial promotions regime. Learn how Zumo is navigating this change and what it means for the industry's future —dive into the details on our latest podcast episode.
Finproms FAQs
5 mins read
What should you know now the UK financial promotions regime for cryptoassets has come into force? Zumo Head of Compliance Michael Johnson shares his thoughts on the way forwards for cryptoasset businesses wishing to serve the UK market.
Zumo financial promotions solution goes live
2 mins read
With some UK operators having to pause activity, Zumo’s financial promotions technical flow is now available through our B2B API to support unregistered firms with remaining compliant after the 8 October deadline.
Financial Promotions: Zumo’s detailed review of FCA’s latest guidance
9 mins read
Zumo feeds back on new consumer-targeted rules governing the promotion of cryptoassets.
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