Why does crypto have to be cryptic? Our CEO, Nick speaks with Emma, the amazing host of the CTRL ALT DELETE podcast to demystify some concepts around cryptocurrency.

Emma always wanted to know more about cryptocurrency but has never known how to start, where to go or what to trust.

Does that sound familiar?

The conversations around bitcoin and crypto these days are everywhere, yet the mystery around this new financial technology continues to baffle many. Questions about safety, security, and how on earth it all works seem to continually circulate without much clarity, yet. So if you or any friends want to find new ways to make their money work harder for them, we think you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Emma asks Nick all the questions she has always wanted to know about cryptocurrency: what to look out for, where it’s heading and how you can get involved in a way that makes you feel safe and secure in the process.

Have you missed the boat with crypto?

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s lips is, once you’ve bought cryptocurrency, what do you do with it? Can you spend it? And most importantly, can you do so safely? These are the questions our team at Zumo are looking to demystify in simple, straight forward terms.

Delve into the crypto world, as Emma takes our CEO Nick through the big questions surrounding cryptocurrency, and how this new financial technology can work seamlessly with your money.


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