Our story

A new, global economy

At Zumo, our purpose is to build a financial future that creates opportunities, protects and leaves a positive impact on our planet. Our mission is to create easy to use and fully compliant financial tools, so that digital assets are adopted by the many and used in total peace of mind, every day.

Digital assets mean business

Digital assets mean business

Institutional adoption requires institutional-grade solutions.
In this digital assets’ rapidly commercialising era, Zumo provides enterprise clients with flexible, trusted enterprise-grade solutions that support them to get into the digital asset space and build industry leading solutions for their customers – all while plugging seamlessly into existing tech stacks.

As a long-term, strategic partner, we believe in a values-aligned approach, robust compliance & risk management, and sustainable, future-proofed solutions. Breaking down the barriers, building up the opportunities.

More about Zumo

Zumo is a B2B digital assets infrastructure engineered with a focus on compliance and sustainability. It enables financial institutions and enterprises to effortlessly embed digital assets via a simple API, unlocking the potential of their brand in web3 and meeting the demands of connected customers.

Zumo’s turnkey digital-assets-as-a-service platform offers a fast, flexible and efficient route to market, empowering fintechs, banks, asset managers and brands to offer their consumers the tools of the future simply and securely while also opening up new revenue streams, attracting new customers and supporting customer retention.

Also available via API/SDK, Zumo’s white-label solution gives businesses a blockchain-agnostic suite of tools through which to enable customers to securely hold, buy, sell and send digital currencies, complete with wallets, exchange service and managed onboarding & compliance.


Our team of experts are here to provide guidance to set up, launch and scale your digital asset solution