As a financial innovator, you’re here to shake things up, drive change and supply the superior brand experiences that deliver on the needs of the modern consumer.

Digitally native and assured, you see your customers actively embracing new perspectives and new attitudes to personal finance. And voting with their feet for the financial products that can speak to the things they care about: sustainability; financial fairness and opportunity; the ultimate in simplicity, presentation and convenience.

Adding a string to your fintech bow

With digital assets poised to play a leading role in the fintech future, Zumo is your trusted, low-barrier and effortlessly embedded solution to command this rapidly expanding area of potential and innovation. Responsible, well engineered and commercially astute on the backend – seamless, compelling and relatable to your customers at the front.

Deliver superior brand experiences with a seamlessly integrated, beautifully presented crypto UX

Execute with confidence while adding new revenue streams with tried-and-tested backend infrastructure

Engage and speak to your customers with values-aligned solutions tailored to them (includes sustainability & ESG)


Our team of experts are here to provide guidance to set up, launch and scale your digital asset solution