The roaring success of our first major referral campaign closed a landmark year for team Zumo. We have started 2021 as we intend to go on - here are some of this month's notable events.

We ended our hugely successful Refer & Share rewards programme

Following a whirlwind few months, the Zumo Refer & Share rewards programme came to a successful close earlier this month. The campaign, which began back in October 2020, offered everyone the opportunity to earn by inviting their friends to the Zumo platform. We rewarded both the referrer and the referee with 0.02 Ether (ETH) when they successfully completed the registration process, meaning both parties could enjoy the benefits of smart money.

0.02 ETH was valued at roughly £5 at the start of the campaign but with the price of both Bitcoin and Ether rising steadily over the past 3 months, the reward for just one referral at one point amounted to over £20!

We said hello to 10,000+ new Zumo users

You read that right – the number of people joining the future of smart money on the Zumo app rose by a staggering 1500% since October! We are overjoyed to welcome so many new faces to the platform and can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback on the app.

With the average transaction made on the app weighing in at around £600, a lot of the people using Zumo seem to be what we like to refer to as “everyday investors”. This type of user is exactly what we built Zumo to cater for – we want to make cryptocurrencies the new normal and seeing people of all ages and backgrounds using the app makes us happier than you can imagine!

We made Tim our CTO

We’re really happy to announce that Tim Šabanov, a talented individual who has been with Zumo since early last year working as Lead Technical Architect, will now be overseeing the development and unveiling of various exciting future features on the Zumo app as Zumo’s new Chief Technology Officer. Based in Zumo’s HQ of Edinburgh, Tim will lead a team of developers working across Scotland, London and Slovenia.

Tim has been active within the blockchain space since 2015 and, before working as a full stack blockchain developer with the Slovenian-based app specialist D.Labs, he founded a creative design agency and was also the Creative Director at Kontrast Marketing. Tim has been central in leading the development of various main features within the Zumo App including the newest feature, the Zumo Smartfolio.

The Zumo team is constantly growing, innovating and evolving. We last year welcomed several highly talented women in tech to our smart money family and we are proud of the cumulative knowledge and experience that our various team members possess.

Go team Zumo!

Moving into February

Q1 is set to be another busy quarter for us, and we are working hard behind the scenes to continue releasing awesome features that make cryptocurrencies as easy to use as your toaster or kettle.

Zumo app version 2.15 will be released shortly and brings with it sharing functionality, enabling users to swiftly and easily invite their friends to Zumo, as well as Pound Sterling (GBP) implementation on the Smartfolio feature and updates to the Zumo exchange service. Keep your eyes peeled!

We’d like to again extend a huge and combined welcome and thank you to everyone who has joined the Zumo family in recent months, as well as everyone who has been on this exciting ride with us from the early stages. We look forward to announcing more exciting opportunities for everyone to earn by sharing smart money and spreading the word of Zumo in coming months, so make sure that if you aren’t already following us on social media that you do so.

Thank you!