Our Refer and Share is officially closed!

At Zumo, we believe crypto is for everyone. Which is why, over the last month we’ve been giving away free crypto to you and your friends when you’ve recommended Zumo to help them start their journey to crypto comfort.

We’re delighted to have already helped thousands of you start their crypto journey!

I love zumo at first glance. Registration is quick and easy, the app is intuitive. They don’t have a euro wallet at the moment so the functionality to buy Bitcoin is limited but I was still able to get some Bitcoin SV for free (by registering only.) I can’t wait for them add the euro to be able to use it.” – Morgane, Google Play review

The Zumo Refer & Share rewards programme is now closed. Thank you to all of you who have shared the love of Zumo and welcome to all of us who joined us recently.

Did you miss out on the Refer & Share rewards programme?

We will be announcing more awesome incentives in the coming months, including a shiny new referral programme that will once again reward you for spreading the word of Zumo!Thank you for your participation! Team Zumo

Did you know about Bitcoin SV?

Over the last month, the Bitcoin SV network has regularly processed more daily transactions. That’s due in large part to the games that have launched on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. So check out the list below if you’re interested to learn more and put some of that BSV in your account to use.

Cryptofights: Cryptofights is a competitive, skill-based esports strategy game built on the BSV blockchain. Currently, in beta testing, cryptofights has been described as ‘Dungeons & Dragons with a modern twist’ and has already processed some 2 million BSV transactions at an average cost of less than a penny each.

‍Haste Arcade: Another early-stage BSV game focused around simple arcade games – with the twist that players get a cut of revenues for placing on the leaderboard.

‍Transmira: Coming soon, Transmira is not a game so much as an exploration of the metaverse concept with a marketing focus – aiming to create a BSV virtual world in which market participants can buy virtual real estate, rent it out, or display advertising.

We will be announcing more awesome incentives in the coming months, including a shiny new referral programme that will once again reward you for spreading the word of Zumo!Thank you for your participation!

Team Zumo


During what period the Refer and Share programme was running?

26 August – 24th September

What happens after Friday 24th September?

The option for referring friends will disappear from the app. If people have referred before that date, they will still receive their referral reward (T&Cs apply – both parties have to verify their identification)

What if my friend verifies himself after the close date?

If your friend has submitted his/her verification application before Friday 24th September 2021 at 12:00 midday GMT you will both still receive your referral rewards within 14 days of she/he successfully passing ID verification.

What are the conditions to be eligible for the reward?

To be eligible for the reward you must:

– Be a new customer
– Have created your Zumo account after the 15/09/21
– Have started the ID verification before midday on 24/09/21
– If you have opened multiple accounts, only one will be eligible for the reward.

Will there be a new refer and share campaign? When will it be available?

We can’t tell you how the new referral programme will be structured just yet, but one thing is certain – It will reward you for spreading the word of Zumo!

Previous Terms and Conditions fo Refer and Share 2.0

How does the Referral System work?

1) You will be given a unique referral code (your code) when you click the share button in the “Me” section of the app.

2) Share your code with friends, family, and anyone else.

3) Your friend will need to enter your code when they complete the signup process.

4) After they successfully complete security checks, we’ll send you both 0.04 BSV.

5) For every 6 successful referrals you will receive an additional 0.02 BSV.

Terms and Conditions *Amended 15th September 2021

1. By using our Referral System you agree to these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw, modify, or extend this offer at any time.

2. The Referral System is only available to existing wallet holders. If you are eligible to take part in the Referral System, the persons you refer using your code must be aged 18+ and they must successfully pass security checks (including ID verification) to complete the account creation process to qualify. These persons cannot be a current or previous user of Zumo. Any referrals accrued under any previous referral scheme were removed from the “Me” section of the app when the Referral System commenced.

3. The Referral System rewards are limited to the first 10,000 qualifying rewards from Monday 26th July 2021.

For every qualifying referral, you and the person who you referred will receive a 0.04 BSV reward
For every six qualifying Referral System rewards you will also receive an additional 0.02 BSV reward.
4. If you qualify for a Referral System reward we will send your BSV reward within 7 business days of you qualifying, but on occasions this may take longer. Delays may occur for reasons including a backlog of qualifying customers, or network issues on the BSV blockchain. If you believe you are owed a Referral System reward that hasn’t been granted, please email our customer support team at support@zumo.money.

5. We reserve the right to block access to the Referral System and refuse rewards at our sole discretion. This includes when we close a user’s account, or when we deem a user to be abusing the system (such as for attempting to create multiple accounts or exploiting the offer commercially).

6. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Scotland. You can bring legal proceedings in the Scottish Courts. If you live in England and Wales, you can bring legal proceedings in either the Scottish or the English and Welsh courts. If you live in Northern Ireland, you can bring legal proceedings in either the Northern Irish or the Scottish courts.

7. To the extent permitted by law we shall have no liability to you in relation to any loss you incur arising from the Referral System programme.

8. Personal data supplied during the use of the Referral System will be processed as set out in our privacy policy.