SIBOS, the global financial services conference, has long been a hub for innovative thinking. At SIBOS 2022, Zumo made its mark in a big way, and as we eagerly anticipate SIBOS 2023, let's take a step back and review the insights from the previous year and what's coming this year.



SIBOS, the global financial services conference, has long been a hub for innovative thinking. The past year was no exception. At SIBOS 2022, Zumo made its mark in a big way, and as we eagerly anticipate SIBOS 2023, let’s take a step back and review the insights from the previous year and speculate on what’s coming this year. Especially when it comes to the hot topic of digital assets in the Discover Zone.


Digital Assets: the talk of SIBOS 2022


SIBOS 2022 proved to be an enlightening junction for digital assets, with Zumo leading many engaging discussions. 


  1. Rising traction: digital assets dominated conversations at SIBOS, highlighting the banking industry’s evolving landscape.
  2. Harmonisation on the horizon: although regulations differ across jurisdictions, a unified approach is emerging.
  3. Banks’ new dawn: banks are evolving, driven by customer curiosity and the increasing demand for digital assets knowledge.
  4. Web3 and self-sovereignty: the future rests on web3 with a clear emphasis on governance.
  5. Cross-chain interoperability: bridging different blockchains is essential for cohesive functionality.
  6. Competitive digital assets strategy: if your institution hasn’t embraced digital assets, rest assured, competitors are advancing swiftly.


A sustainable future: emphasis on the ‘E’ in ESG


Equally, last year’s SIBOS conference was a reminder of the continuing importance of ESG and sustainability themes.


  1. Sustainability at SIBOS: the event underscored the urgency of climate action, emphasising that without a sustainable environment, social and governance aspects falter.
  2. Complexities of decarbonisation: financial institutions are actively seeking ways to decarbonise their operations, a mission fraught with complexities.
  3. Digital assets’ green promise: the digital assets sector can exemplify how decarbonisation is achievable, potentially spearheading the transition to renewable energies.


Zumo: setting the gold standard


Last year, Zumo’s presence at the Discover Zone was both transformative and memorable, with a series of events and announcements tracing pioneering work in the digital asset space.


  1. Engaging conversations: Zumo ignited over 100 discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of the digital assets space.
  2. Stage presence: two enlightening sessions showcased Zumo’s expertise and vision.
  3. Global alignment: Zumo reinforced its commitment to sustainability with an announcement unveiling its membership of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Assets Sustainability Coalition.


The banking-digital assets nexus: Zumo Commercial Director Eddie Robb’s insights


The first of Zumo’s two SIBOS 2022 appearances, Zumo Commercial Director Eddie Robb delved into the interface of banking and digital asset adoption.


  1. Customer-centric digital assets: as interest spikes, banks owe their clientele secure platforms to explore and trade digital assets.
  2. Trust & adoption: institutions boasting a legacy of trust can allure the early majority, but must navigate digital assets’ inherent volatility.
  3. Flawless tech integration: seamless UI, top-notch wallets, and efficient exchanges are non-negotiable.
  4. Regulatory forefront: banks can pioneer regulatory frameworks, working collaboratively with authorities for compliant solutions.
  5. Digital assets education: clear, precise digital assets knowledge is paramount for the early majority’s confidence.
  6. Sustainable digital assets: tackling digital assets’ environmental footprint head-on can pave the way for greener adoption.


The metaverse: Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras’s fascinating deep-dive


Following up, Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras explored the emerging metaverse opportunity.


  1. Bridging realities: major institutions such as HSBC and ING are making significant strides in the metaverse, offering unique experiences and products.
  2. Generational shift: the metaverse captivates Gen Z and millennials, aligning with their digital-first lifestyles.
  3. Decentralised vs proprietary: an open-source, blockchain-centric metaverse appears as the favoured choice, though proprietary versions are also emerging.
  4. Metaverse’s financial implications: the financial sector can harness vast opportunities, but integrating into the metaverse necessitates smart strategies.


Looking ahead to 2023


Based on last year’s successes and emerging trends, here’s what we can expect for the Discover Zone and digital assets at SIBOS 2023:


  1. Expanded digital asset exhibits: as digital assets gain more traction, we anticipate a surge in the number of booths and presentations dedicated to this theme.
  2. Zumo’s next-gen solutions: after the success of our 2022 showcase, look out for the innovative products and solutions on offer from Zumo this year.
  3. Collaborative discussions: engaging panels focusing on the integration of traditional banking with digital assets.
  4. Hands-on workshops: as more institutions jump on the digital asset bandwagon, expect practical sessions that delve into real-world applications of digital currencies.


The growing importance of digital assets in the SIBOS Discover Zone


The Discover Zone at SIBOS has always been a space for cutting-edge ideas. And with the world moving increasingly towards a digital financial framework, digital assets will undoubtedly be at the forefront of discussions this year.


For those looking to stay updated on what’s happening in the Discover Zone this year at Sibos, especially in the digital assets realm, keep your eyes peeled for Zumo announcements. The pace set in 2022 promises that 2023 will be a year of even more groundbreaking advancements and revelations.




As we gear up for SIBOS 2023, it’s evident that the future of digital assets in the Discover Zone is replete with opportunities, innovations, and challenges. By reflecting on 2022, we’re better positioned to forecast and embrace the rapid advancements awaiting in the digital asset realm.


Stay tuned for our live updates from SIBOS 2023’s Discover Zone! 


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