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ePay Summit
London17 May
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ePay Summit
ePay Summit

Ecommerce payments have undoubtedly driven forward the digitalisation and innovation of retail and advanced the seamless shopping experience for the consumer, but where will it go next?

Our team will be taking part at the ePAY summit 2023 to discuss the opportunity for digital assets payments in the Metaverse. Discover more on the session below.

ePay Summit
Fireside Chat

Commerce in the Metaverse

Amelie Arras

Marketing Director Zumo

The Metaverse is a universal and highly immersive virtual world where people can work, play, shop and socialise. Many think that NFTs will be one of the core components of experiencing the Metaverse. But what if your account gets hacked, and your digital assets are stolen? Cyber hygiene needs to be of the utmost importance to prevent hacks. How can those involved in the Metaverse best guard against scams and spear-phishing attacks? Why is digital identity verification necessary and how will identity technology open up eCommerce in the Metaverse? Featuring: Amelie Arras, Marketing Director, Zumo Money Dusty Miller, Head of Retail Sales, Merchant Services, Worldline Global